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Neues Gaming Car: BMW Vision Gran Turismo

BMW Gran Turismo 6

BMW Group Design gestaltet exklusives Fahrzeug-Konzept für das Videospiel Gran Turismo®6 (Foto: Hersteller)

Die BMW Group Design gestaltete exklusiv für die Rennspiel-Simulation Gran Turismo 6 ein zukunftsweisendes, virtuelles Fahrzeugkonzept: den BMW Vision Gran Turismo. Das dynamische Sportcoupé wird im Rahmen des Videospiels virtuell veröffentlicht. Continue reading

the pop culture car

cars are part of the pop culture. chevrolet´s camaro, for example, (what you see is the supersport version, built by slp) has made it to song titles, video clips, movies and video games. here´s a small excerpt from a much longer list:

“camaro man” by blue meanies
“bitchin’ camaro” by dead milkmen,
“go lil’ camaro go” by the ramones
“camaro” by kings of leon
“the list” by metric
“wishlist” by pearl jam
“teenage dirtbag” by wheatus
“kountry gentleman” by family force 5
“aldemaro en su camaro” by los amigos invisibles.
“what It Feels Like for a girl” by madonna (video clip)
“better off dead”, john cusack (movie)
gran turismo
need for speed

the pop culture car