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Classic Remise – Saisonstart 2013


Pflichttermin für die Classic Car Szene NRW: Der Saisonstart in der Classic Remise Düsseldorf. Das Interesse der Bevölkerung am Treffen der teuersten und schönsten Classic Cars ist enorm: Fast 14.000 Besucher fanden, den Weg in den aufwendig restaurierten Lok-Schuppen der Deutschen Bahn. Continue reading

the legs of your car

pirelli, the tyre manufacturer and erotic-calendar publisher came out with a slogan in 1974: “the legs of your car”. how could they know, that one day, their leg&car thing will come true…

legs? the future of transportation?

while flying cars – what most of the people expect in future – seem to be quite far away, other ways of transportation without wheels could knock out pirelli and others much faster than expected.

no future?

theo jansen, who made the strandbeests, shows – even if it never was his idea – how the end of the wheel could look like. if you want to see the strandbeests waking up to life, visit theo jansen´s homepage at www.strandbeests.com

the truth about gay vintage cars

since a few years, about.com publishes the list of the most gay cars.  i wanted to know, if there is also a top 10 list of gay vintage cars and trucks

research via internet did not lead to any results except this peace of work, showing a citroen hy in gay colors (?). of course the french form-follows-function truck called “typ h”, better known as “hy” or “tub” (in france), that was built from 1947 to 1981 has no gay attitude. hy is french-hetero-butcher-transporting-meat. no matter what colour you paint it…

if the list of gay vintage cars doesn´t exist, we should create one! take part and tell us what you think: which are the 3 most gay vintage cars?

micaela schäfer in lebensgefahr?

in diesem auto sitzt dschungelcamp kandidatin micaela schäfer. einen augenblick lang habe ich mir sorgen um sie gemacht

“germany´s next top model”, “das supertalent” und jetzt “ich bin ein star, holt mich hier raus”: spätestens mit beginn des dschungelcamps 2012, dürfte der name micaela schäfer den meisten menschen in der republik ein begriff sein.

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