too drunk to fuck

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too drunk to fuck, too drunk to drive
too drunk to fuck, too drunk to drive

“driving after drinking two litres of beer at the oktoberfest at munich is okay”

who said these words?

a) paris hilton
b) the hoff
c) a bavarian politician

the right answer is “c”: guenther beckstein, bavaria’s former state premier has made it to, by saying that driving after drinking two litres of beer is okay.

okay, or not okay? okay in munich, where police asks “did you drink alcohol or beer?” when they stop and check you, not okay wherever beer is not accepted as staple food (actually beer was liquid bread and did not contain much alcohol hundreds of years ago in germany).

it´s not possible, to say, how much alcohol exactly one can drink and still is able to drive, but it´s known, that too much alcohol causes erectile dysfunction. gentlemen, next time, you want to know if you´re drunk, check your schlongs. when you´re too drunk to fuck, you´re too drunk to drive.


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